Friday, 31 August 2012

So we (Lucy and I) are sneaking off for 6 days of mountain biking and general chillin in Wales.
I had a few routes in mind that I've wanted to do in while and then a few 'classics' .
After work we literally threw our kit in the van and headed to do the Blorenge in Abergavenny, just a couple of hours of really enjoyable riding.A perfect way to start.
The next day we headed into the Black mountains and they never fail to put a smile on my face. I love that long grass climb that slowly takes you up the valley and rewards you with a fast rocky descent the other side, follow that with the climb up past Llangors lake snaking up onto the beacons way flying down to Bwlch-What a great day.
The next day we did an easier ride around the mountains surrounding Builth Wells and it rained hard all day so after the ride we settled down in the back of the van with some nice coffee and Lucy had a hot chocolate and we just read and chatted and planned our Elan valley routes  for the next couple of days.

Now I have a habit of getting a bit carried away with route planning, I get a bit excited when I see a page of pink bridleway lines surrounded by green bits and blue lines and I'm a bit old skool and actually like a o.s map over a gps unit anyday.
In  homage to Iron bike I even accidently threw in a nice tough opening hike a bike section. Followed by a splash of bog trotting.the marsh grass was higher than my head and a giant big bummed spider was sat on my chest. Thank godness the next section was excellent rocky and technical with mutiple lines and lots of water.
When I first came to the Elan valley(on a road bike) it made a lasting impression on me it is so beautiful.
Huge rock faces,purple heather, vast dams, red kites soaring above, waterfalls and most importantly sweet natural singletrack one of the best places in Wales to ride.
Had a scary day today massive thunder and lightining storm then in blew a hail storm and we had got stuck in a peat bog on the wrong side of a rising river, it was a think quick get it right moment. We found a barn and ran in through the cow shit then turned round and ran even faster out of it -collie dogs- I'd rather get wet.
We battled on back to the van that was a tough 5 hrs although still appricated the enviroment.

On our final day in the Elan valley we managed to piece toghether numerous excellent sections the camera was out every 5mins and the final descent into rhyader is my favourate natural descent  fast, rocky steps with some roots and spashes and a splendid view all around. Just sheep for company.
On the way home we just had to squeeze in another 'classic' The gap road in Breacon. It is a must on any cyclists list.
We have induldged on nature finest and are full of great views and stuffed with riding happiness.

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